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  • Hadley Wickham. Author.

  • Lionel Henry. Author.

  • Thomas Lin Pedersen. Maintainer, author.

  • T Jake Luciani. Author.

  • Matthieu Decorde. Author.

  • Vaudor Lise. Author.

  • Tony Plate. Contributor.
    Early line dashing code

  • David Gohel. Contributor.
    Line dashing code and early raster code

  • Yixuan Qiu. Contributor.
    Improved styles; polypath implementation

  • Håkon Malmedal. Contributor.
    Opacity code

  • Posit. Copyright holder, funder.



Wickham H, Henry L, Pedersen T, Luciani T, Decorde M, Lise V (2023). svglite: An 'SVG' Graphics Device. R package version,,

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